Oblate Youth Song Lyric Contest
We need your help writing an Oblate Youth Canada Song!!!
Contest is open to all Oblate Youth!

(Requirements are on the pdf attached below)
You can submit BOTH lyrics AND Music (ex. singing, guitar, piano) or you can submit JUST LYRICS (without any music, instrument, or tune) 

Also view the pdf attached below for an explanation of Oblate Youth that can help with your writing process (or just check out the WHO WE ARE section on our website!

Oblate Youth Song Lyric Requirements:  

  • Should reflect the Goal + Charism of Oblate Youth (read on next page or website)  o Should be youthful and catchy 
  • Needs to reflect Catholic + Oblate Youth values 
  • Minimum 2 parts (refrain + verse) and max. of 5 parts (any combo of refrain + verse) o Can be any genre 
  • Some themes you may want to look at for inspiration: 
  1. Mary
  2. Missionary Oblate of Mary Immaculate (Oblates) 
  3. Jesus 
  4. Community
  5. Human, Christian, Saint 

All Submissions due by FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH to oblateyouthcanada@gmail.com 

Please submit a copy of your lyrics and a video (if you are including music)! 

Email us or DM us on insta @oblateyouthcanada if you have any questions, want some more  resources, simply want to share how excited you are, or to submit your song/lyrics!! 

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